SECURE 2.0: A Summary of Key Changes Impacting Employer-Provided Retirement Plans

President Biden signed the 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) into law on Dec. 29. The law, which passed the House and Senate on Dec. 23 and Dec. 22, respectively, contains significant changes to employer-provided retirement plans and individual retirement plans, referred to in the CAA…

By Megan Rizzitello

COVID-19 Tracker 12/11/20

This week’s COVID-19 Tracker by First Trust. Covid-19 Tracker flyer 12102020

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COVID-19 Tracker 11/12/20

Good news arrived this week on the vaccine front but we’re still watching the data. Here are the most recent stats from First Trust’s COVID-19 Tracker. Source: 

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COVID-19 Tracker 11/4/20

Every Thursday First Trust publishes their Covid-19 Tracker. We’ve been tuning in for the data and find it worth sharing as winter and a second wave approach. News of rising positive cases is concerning but current data shows the fatality rate to be level in…

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Four Things You Need to Know About a Nevada Trust

Did you know that Nevada is considered a top trust jurisdiction? The state’s 0% income tax coupled with its advantageous trust laws create quite the appeal for high-net-worth individuals. While we are well acquainted with the use of Nevada trusts as a tax minimization strategy,…

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Expanding National Deficit and Debt Burden

Brian Wesbury is the Chief Economist at First Trust and a voice we’ve tuned into for years. In this piece, he speaks to our expanding national deficit and debt burden and proposes the government capitalize on the situation by overhauling the securities it issues. One…

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The Impacts of COVID-19

The impacts of COVID-19 are difficult to comprehend but we can be sure the effects will span beyond our generation. The pandemic has cratered our economy and created a hole that only the Federal government can fill. But what are the long-term implications of these…

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